imagine never having to wait to charge your ev

The Somerville Electric Vehicle Company, or SomEV ("some-EV") for short, provides a network of Battery Swap Kiosks, built to charge and store batteries so that when a commuter riding an e-scooter or e-bike is running low on charge, they can pull up to a SomEV Battery Swap Kiosk and swap out their drained battery pack for a fully-charged one. This essentially eliminates the need for charging stations by creating a wait-less charging network. It's like a gas station, but for e-scooters/e-bikes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase an electric scooter, bicycle or moped from us along with the battery subscription service.

  2. Next time you’re riding around town and you’re low on charge, pull up to your local SomEV Battery Station

  3. Swap out your old battery pack for a fully charged new one that will be available in our custom locker system

  4. Get going to your destination! It’s as easy as that